Our main goal at Compass Pain Care is to improve your comfort, and keep you able to do the things in life you enjoy.
Pain can be the result of an injury that has long since healed, or it can have no apparent cause or evidence of any damage. No matter the cause, your pain is real, and we want to help you find relief.

Persistent and complex pain conditions arise from many causes. However, there are specialized options to treat such pain.

We believe in an individualized approach to pain management. Just as each person is unique, so is their pain.

Patients are an important part of the team, working to decrease pain and maximize function.

Compass Pain Care currently accepts the following insurances:

Traditional Medicaid
Tricare Standard
Tricare for Life
Bluechoice Medicaid
All BlueCross BlueShield (Including all of the Affordable Care Act policies)
Advicare Medicaid